HESTIA 2022 - National techno-cultural fest of TKM College of Engineering

Hestia is the amalgamation of talent, creativity and innovation binded by the passion of students of TKMCE. It is the national techno-cultural fest of TKM College of Engineering that has in its few years of existance, quickly emerged as one of the biggest tech fests in south india. Hestia has already build a name for itself that rings a bell of excitement among college students from across the country. With an inflow of around 30,000 attendees and sponsorships worth 60 lakh rupees, Hestia '19 and Hestia '20 were glorious successes to behold. The fest contains an attractive array of technical and cultural events evoking the artistic and innovative intellect in participants alongside informative workshops, appealing expos, engaging talks etc. The biggest stars in the world of entertainment will grace the event and set the stage ablaze as 4 days of non-stop excitement awaits the campus. The global pandemic and its repercussions, had laid a halt to the conduct of the event for the past few years, but now the stars have re-aligned, the spirits have been revoked as Hestia is all set to make its comeback. With the expectations skyhigh as always, there is no doubt Hestia' 22 is going to be bigger than ever!

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