The college union shall be called the “Thangal Kunju Musaliar College of Engineering Union” and is constituted as described below.

1. Objectives
  • To train the students of the college in the duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
  • To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among students.
  • To organize debates, seminars, work squads, tours and such other functions.
  • To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational social or recreational activities that are conducive of the above activities.
2. Membership

All the students enrolled in the college shall be the members of the union. They shall have the right to vote and contest in all the elections of the college union

3. Term

The tenure of the office of the college union shall be one academic year.

4. Funds

The College shall institute a college union fund. It shall collect the prescribed fees from the students towards union activities along with the first installment of tuition fees at the beginning of each academic year and shall credit the same to the college fund.

5. Association

The college may have one or more associations subordinated to the College union, according to different subjects taught at the under graduate and Postgraduate level in the college.
The college Union may also organize various forums or clubs like planning Forum, Management Forum etc.

6. Executive Committee

The college union shall have an Executive Committee consisting of :

  • The Chairman
  • The Vice-Chairman
  • The Councillors to the Kerala University Union
  • The Editor to the College Magazine
  • The Arts Club Secretary
  • The Secretary of Sports
  • One member representing the students of each year elected by the students of respective year among themselves
  • Two members elected by the lady students of the college from among themselves.
  • One member representing the students belonging to the SC/ST, to be nominated by the Executive committee, in case of none of the elected members belong to SC/ST
  • The Honorable Treasurer and Staff advisor(Ex-officio)
7. Election

The election to the college union shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions contained in the rules of the selection. If any of the elected office bearers of the college union other than the Councillor to the University Union fails to execute his duties, a member of the Executive Committee shall be nominated by the Principal on the recommendation of the Executive Committee to act in his place.

8. The Honorable Treasurer

The Principal of the college shall be the Patron and Honorable Treasurer of the College Union. He can depute a staff member to perform his duties in his absence or if he so desires. The Honorable Treasurer shall be an ex-officio member of the College Union executive Committee without any voting power.

9. Staff Advisor

The Principal nominates a senior member of the teaching staff of the college as the staff advisor of the college union. The staff advisor shall be an ex-officio member of the College Union executive Committee without any voting power.

10. Accounts

The Honorable Treasurer shall hold the funds of the College Union. Expenses of the union activities shall be met from this fund with the prior sanction of the Executive Committee, except on occasions of emergency. The Hon. Treasurer shall keep regular accounts of the income and expenditure of the union.

11. Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in two months. For all ordinary meetings there shall be a notice of three clear days. Quorum for the meetings shall be not less than one half the total number of the members of the committee.

12. Functioning
  • The College Union Executive Committee shall formulate the general policy and also guide the activities of the Union .It shall prepare at the beginning of each academic year an annual financial estimate for all activities of the Union and subordinate associations or clubs.
  • The College Union shall endeavour to organize a Student Centre to promote club activities like indoor games, photographic clubs, hobby clubs and so on. The College Union office shall also be housed here, where a separate building is not available, the Principal may allocate a separate space for this purpose.
  • In all matters connected with the College Union the final decision rests with the Union Executive Committee but an appeal shall be made to the patron when there is a dispute.

The following associations function in the College in accordance with the above regulations.

  • Civil Engineering Association
  • Mechanical Engineering Association
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Association
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering Association
  • Production Engineering Association
  • Chemical Engineering Association
  • Computer Science and Engineering Association
  • Society of Students of Architecture (SSA)

The following forums and clubs function in the College as subsidiary bodies of the College Union.

  • Management Forum
  • Planning Forum
  • Photographic Club
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Farmers Club
  • Audio-Visual Club
  • Hobby Club

The Principal shall nominate a President from among the teaching staff and Secretary from among the students for the above forums and clubs.