Major Consultancy works carried by the Department in Recent Years

Sl. No Funding Agency / Client Title of the project Amount in Rs Year
1 Steel Structure Design for the roofing of Open Pavilion of Chandrashekharan Nair Stadium , Thiruvananthapuram Kerala Police Department 1,00,000 2020-2021
2 Director,Kerala Institute Of Local Administration Structural Design Of Womens Hostel At Kottarakkara 50250 2020-2021
3 Secretary, Kollam Corporation Renovation and Design of the Existing Town Hall Building Kollam 35000 2020-2021
4 Assistant Executive Engineer, Panama Gramapanchayath Proof Checking for the structural design of Shopping complex at edappallykotta 18750 2020-2021
5 KITCO Sand Replacement of Kudomon EMS Stadium Pathanamthitta 1,00,000 2020-2021
6 Assistant Executive Engineer, LSGD, Chadayamangalam Block Panchayat, Kollam Structural design and preparation of Chithara Kaipetta bridge 76000 2020-2021
7 The Managing Partner, Kavalakkat Constructions, Ernakulam, Kochi Structural design and drafting of Parcel office building, Aluva 28650 2020-2021
8 The Managing director, Damu and Sons Sales Corporation, Kottarakara Structural stability evaluation and NDT of fire affected godown building, Damu and Sons Sales Corporation, Kollam 25000 2020-2021
9 The chair person, BR Memorial School, Kottarakkara Structural stability evaluation of BR Memorial Central School, Chengamanadu, Kottarakkara, Kollam 20000 2020-2021
10 The Office of the Sr. Section Engineer (Works), Southern Railway, Kottayam NDT of tunnels at Kottayam Railway Station 30000 2020-2021
11 The Principal, Sri Sri Academy, Ezhukone, Kollam Structural stability evaluation of Sri Sri Academy School Building at Ezhukone, Kollam 30000 2020-2021
12 The Manager, SV HSS, Clappana, Karunagappally Structural stability evaluation of five buildings of SV HSS, Clappana, Karunagappally, Kollam 22000 2020-2021
13 Bharat Engineering Innovation Design and Consultancy Pvt Ltd., Ernakulam Proof checking of the structural design of court complex building at Peerumedu, Idukki 70000 2020-2021
14 The Principal, Sree Gurudeva Central School, Nedumoncavu, Kollam Structural stability evaluation of Sree Gurudeva Central School Buildings, Kudikkodu, Nedumoncavu, Kollam 30000 2020-2021
15 The Assistant Executive Engineer, LSGD, Kollam District Panchayat, Kollam Structural design of water tank, KLM JP construction of pump house and compound wall, District Hospital, Kollam 22000 2020-2021
16 Secretary, Kadakkal, Eroor, Erathu Grama Panchayath, Kollam Structural design of Panchayath complexes for Kadakkal, Eroor, Erathu Grama Panchayath 75000 2020-2021
17 State Water Transport Department, Kerala Structural design of Alappuzha dry dock and associated buildings 180000 2020-2021
18 State Water Transport Department, Kerala Structural design of Thevara wet dock 200000 2020-2021
19 The chair person, Kodungalloor Municipality, Kerala Proof checking of design of Kodungalloor municipality building 50000 2020-2021
20 LSGD, Alappuzha Preperation of DPR for the Rejuvenation and Conservation of Thamarachal Lake, Puliyoor 500000 2020-2021
21 Co-operative department, Govt. of Kerala (Rebuild Kerala Initiative) "Carehome Project" for Kollam district - Planning, and structural design of buildings 150000 2020-2021
22 NHAI ,Planning Board, Revenue Department, PWD , KSTP Survey for widening of NH 744 (Koikkal to Karicode and Kundara Pallimukku) 700000 2020-2021
23 LSGD Construction of rural roads under Alappuzha LSGD using PAMA mix (Alappuzha LSGD and Samsung Ascon Pvt. Ltd.) 50,000 2020-2021
24 Geotechnical site Investigation for the proposed School Building at Aryankavu Government LPS under Anchal Block Panchayat. Assistant Executive Engineer LSGD Sub Division Anchal Block Panchayat Kollam. 73,600 2020-2021
25 Soil Investigation Work for the Proposed site of Vanitha Vyvasaya Kendram at Edamon under Thenmala Grama Panchayat, Pathanamthitta. Assistant Engineer LSGD Section Thenmala G P Pathanamthitta 66,100 2020-2021
26 Geotechnical Investigation for proposed Apartment Project at Thazhakkara Grama Panchaya, Alapuzha Joint Registrar (General) Alapuzha 6-7-2020 87,250 2020-2021
27 Soil Investigation Work for proposed site of school building in Govt. UPS at Vellooppara under Chadayamangalam Grama Panchayat, Kollam Assistant Engineer LSGD Section Chadayamangalam G.PKollam 58,000 2020-2021
28 Soil Investigation Work for proposed site of Flat construction(Care home project second stage)under Enadimangalam Grama Panchayat, Pathanamthitta Joint Registrar Cooperative Society General Office Pathanamthitta 86,000 2020-2021
29 Soil Investigation Work for proposed site of Ladies hostel under KILA,CHRD, Kottarakara Dr. Sudha Director,KILA Thrissur 69,000 2020-2021
30 Kollam Municipal Corporation Evaluation of rutting potential of bituminous mixes using refusal density approach Evaluation of existing road condition of the base layers of pavement 3,00,000 2019-2020
31 Regional Engineer, Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra, Kottarakara Structural design of overhead tank at East Kallada, Kollam 25000 2019-2020
32 Executive Engineer, LSGD Engg Division, District Panchayath, Thevally, Kollam Inspection, NDT and structural design for renovation of DPC Building Kollam 54000 2019-2020
33 Asst. Exe. Engineer, LSGD Sub Division, Pathanapuram Block Panchayat Proof checking of Thalavoor - Velichappadu bridge in Pathanapuram 32000 2019-2020
34 DRM (Works), Trivandrum Division, Southern Railway, Kollam NDT of railway tunnels 1-5 from Trivandrum to Nagercoil 75000 2019-2020
35 Deputy Chief Engineer,Construction II, Southern Railway, Trivandrum NDT of railway bridges between Ambalapuzha and Haripad 235000 2019-2020
36 The Secretary, Block Panchayath, Anchal Structural design of Kulathupuzha Govt. UP School, Anchal Block 24750 2019-2020
37 Soil Investigation Work for the Proposed site of Residential Building at Uliyakovil, Kollam Saji Aleander Panivker Thengazhikkom Anjali road Thengazhikkom Anjali road,Controment North, Kollam 65,000 2019-2020
38 Soil Investigation Work for the Proposed site of Anganavadi building at puthenthuruthu, Kollam Corporation Executive Engineer,Kollam Corporaion 59,500 2019-2020
39 Soil Investigation Work for the Proposed site of three cell box culvert of 12m total length and 6m width at Thalavoor Grama Panchayat The Assistant Engineer LSGD Section Thalavoor Grama Panchayat 74,600 2019-2020
40 Soil Investigation Work for the proposed Office building at Kunnamthanam Grama panchayat, pathanamthitta The Secretary Kunnamthanam Grama panchayat, pathanamthitta 59,500 2019-2020
41 Soil Investigation Work for the Proposed site of Kaipatta Bridge construction site, Chithara Grama Panchayat under Chadayamangalam Block The Assistant Engineer Chithara Grama Panchayat,Chadayamangalam Block , Kollam 59,250 2019-2020
42 Soil Investigation Work for the Proposed site of TKM College of Arts and Science,Kollam The principal, TKM College of Arts and Science,Kollam 30,500 2019-2020
43 Soil Investigation Work for the Proposed site of Box Culvert at Kizhakketheruvu, Kottarakkara The Assistant Executive Engineer LSGD Sub division Vettikavala Block Panchayat 57,900 2019-2020
44 Geotechnical Investigation for the proposed site of Kulathupuzha UPS Building construction site under Anchal Block Panchayat The Secretary Block Panchayat Anchal 65,600 2019-2020
45 Pile load test for the construction of 20LL OHSR at the 100MLD plant site in Vasoorichira, Kollam Executive Engineer Project Division Office of the Executive Engineer KWA, Kollam. 15,000 2019-2020
46 Soil Investigation Work for the Proposed Parcel Office Building site at Aluva for Southern Railway Managing Partner,Kavalakkat Constructions) 77,750 2019-2020
47 Soil Investigation Work for the proposed multistoreyed commercial building at Mangad, Kollam Chief Accountant,In charge of Secretary, Mangad Service Cooperative Bank Ltd, No.106 Mangad, Kollam 53,700 2018-2019
48 Soil Investigation Work for the proposed multi storeyed commercial building at Kadapakkada Asianet Satellite Communication Ltd.Kadapakkada, Kollam. 43,125 2018-2019
49 Soil Investigation Work For the retrofitting work of RI Godown No.II in KMML, Chavara GKG Consltancy services Pvt. Ltd.Tower B, 5th floor, Mather square, town Railway station road,Ernaulam 45,300 2018-2019
50 Town and Country Planning Parking Demand Analysis 2,50,000 2018-2019
51 NS Hospital, Palathara, Kollam Structural stability for the extension of existing G+4 hospital building 38000 2018-2019
52 Secretary, Kumali Grama Panchayat, Kumali, Idukki Proof checking of structural design of proposed commercial complex at Kumali 25500 2018-2019
53 Assistant Engineer, LSGD Section, Erathu Grama Panchayat Structural design of multistoried building at Erathu Grama Panchayat 32000 2018-2019
54 Asst. Secretary, Mangad Co-operative Society Structural design of co-operative bank building in Chathinaamkulam 20000 2018-2019
55 Bharath Engineering Innovation Design & Consultancy Pvt Ltd., Ernakulam Proof checking of structural details of Kasargod Block Panchayat office building 20000 2018-2019
56 Secretary, Ponnani Muncipality, Malappuram Proof checking of structural details of MSOP projects (5 schools) 60000 2018-2019
57 The Secretary, Kollam Corporation, Kollam Proof checking of decentralised 100 KLD septage treatment plant 25000 2018-2019
58 LSG Department, Govt. of Kerala Evaluation of Structural Stability of Govt. buildings for the issue of fitness certificate by LSG Department 51,900 2017-2018
59 Indian Rare Earths Ltd. Kollam Topographic survey from Vellanathuruth mine to IRE Chavara plant 27450 2017-2018
60 Asst. Executive Engineer, Punalur Muncipality Proof checking of old age home building at Punalur 21830 2017-2018
61 LSG Department, Govt. of Kerala Structural design of new buildings owned by LSGD and other state Govt. Departments 47,510 2017-2018
62 Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd. (KMML), Chavara Valuation of real properties (buildings 3,00,000 2017-2018
63 Steel Industries Limited Kerala (SILK Design of repair yards, dry docks and jetties 1,83,342 2017-2018