Funded Projects

SI.No Name of faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount (Lakhs) Duration Progress/outcome
1 Athul M Madhu Development of Water Quality Index for the Assesment of Trophic status of an estuarine system TEQIP 1.1 2019-2020 Ongoing
2 Dr. Amal Azad Sahib Drainage of kuttanad soil using electrokinetic geosynthetics CERD 0.4 2019-2020 Ongoing
3 Dr. Ramaswamy K.P. Development of innovative alkali activated concrete for building resilient kerala post floods CERD 0.45 2019-2020 Ongoing
4 Althaf M. Computation of stress concentration factor of tubular joints for the fatigue analysis of steel structures CERD 0.46 2019-2020 Ongoing
5 Athul M Madhu Development of Trophic State Index for Freshwater and Brackish lake Ecosystem of Southern Kerala CERD 2 2019-2020 Ongoing CERD 2 2019-2020 Ongoing
6 Romana Mariyam Rasheed Evaluation of fatigue strength and durability of lime stabilized fibre reinforced Kuttanad soil CERD 2 2019-2020 Ongoing
7 Sai Niveditha M.G Evaluation of Interface Shear strength of Bituminous Layers CERD 2 2019-2020 Ongoing
8 Mohammed Thowsif Durability of cement-based materials exposed to ammonium salt TEQIP 1.5 2019-2020 Completed
9 Dr. Anu V. Thomas A multi scale approach to study the degradation of ALKALI-activated materials in organic acids TEQIP 1.5 2019-2020 Completed
10 Dr. Ramaswamy K. P Durability of cement-based materials in aggressive acidic environments TEQIP 1.4 2018-2019 Completed
11 Dr. Priya K. L Studies on the dynamics of suspended sediments in a deep estuary on the south west coast of India TEQIP 1.5 2018-2019 Completed
12 Dr. Vishnu R. Evaluation of Rutting Potential of Bituminous mixes using Refusal Density Approach CRED 2 2017-2020 Completed
13 Dr. Indu M.S Degradation of industrial wastewater using hybrid electrocoagulation-photocatalytic oxidation system CRED 1.97 2017-2020 Completed
14 Karthika M. G Evaluation of healing potential of bitumen CERD 0.43 2017-2018 Completed
15 Dr. Vishnu R. Evaluation of drainage characteristics of granular sub-base layers in high way pavements CERD 0.48 2017-2018 Completed
16 16 Dr. Adarsh S. An investigation into the percolation of rainwater on permeable pavements using rainfall simulator Research Seed money of TEQIP II 1.28 2015-17 Completed
17 Dr. Adarsh S., Dr. Muhammed Siddik A Developing sub daily IDF curves for urban cities in Kerala meteorological subdivision using Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition and scaling theory UG R&D Project of IE (India) 0.5 2015-17 Completed
18 Prof. Adarsh S & Prof. Muhammed Siddik A. An Investigation into the Percolation of Rain water on permeable pavements using Rain fall Simulator TEQIP 1.28 2015-16 Completed
19 Prof. Benny Joseph Utilization of ETP Solid Waste KMML 3 2014-15 Completed
20 Dr. Adarsh S. Finer scale rainfall projection for Kerala meteorological subdivision by statistical downscaling of GCM simulations CRED 3 2013-16 Completed
21 Dr. Seema K. Nayar Formulation of a process assessment model for ‘Jalanidhi’ TEQIP 1.15 2013-14 Completed
22 Prof. Amal Azad Sahib & Dr. I Bushra Electro Kinetic remediation of Kuttanad clay TEQIP 1.35 2013-14 Completed
23 Dr. M. Nazeer Investigations on the durability of ternary blended cementitious systems TEQIP 1.07 2013-14 Completed
24 Prof. Rekha Ambi Investigations on the properties of concrete in blended cementitious systems TEQIP 0.85 2013-14 Completed
25 Prof. Sajida Razaque Investigation of Interlocking Building Block masonry TEQIP 1 2013-14 Completed
26 Prof. Benny Joseph Development of Green concrete Kerala State Council for Science and Technology 8.6 2011-12 Completed
27 Dr. Anitha Joseph Three Legged Articulated Type Supporting Structure for Off- Shore Wind Energy Turbine AICTE (RPS) 10 2012-13 Completed
28 Prof. Adarsh S. Finer scale rainfall projection for Kerala Meteorological subdivision by Statistical downscaling of GCM Simulations Centre for Engineering Research and Development 1.45 2012-13 Completed
29 Dr. J. Udayakuma Groundwater recharge modeling of Kerala Meteorological subdivision under Climate Change Scenario Centre for Engineering Research and Development 2 2012-13 Completed
30 Dr. Anitha Joseph Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Breakwaters and Groynes for the Protection of Kerala coast AICTE (RPS) 8.5 2011-12 Completed
31 Dr. Reebu Zachariah Koshy Modeling & Study of the characteristics of Motorized Two- Wheeler Traffic on Urban Roads AICTE (RPS) 7.1 2011-12 Completed