Research Supervisors

SI.No Guide Area Of Research PhD Completed Ongoing
1 Dr. Sajeeb R Structural Health Monitoring, Structural Control, Substructuring Concepts in Dynamic Testing & System Identification, Earthquake Resistant Structures, Sustainable Building Materials 0 3
2 Dr. Anu V. Thomas Construction Management, Construction Labour Productivity, Risk Management in Construction Projects, Performance of PPP Projects, Sustainable construction materials, Durability of Concrete 0 1
3 Dr. Adarsh S. Optimization of Hydrosystems Using Stochastic Search Algorithms, Predictive Modeling in Hydrology and Hydraulics Using Data Driven Techniques, Stochastic Hydrology, Risk and Uncertainty Analysis of Hydrosystems, Use of Wavelet Transforms and Hilbert Huang Transform for Spectral Analysis of Hydro-meteorological Datasets, Hydroclimatology 0 2
4 Dr. Ramaswamy K P Chemical Attack in Concrete, Special Concrete, Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete, Concrete Deterioration, Supplementary Cementing Materials, Durability of Concrete, Cement Chemistry,Alkali Activated Materials, Characterization of Construction Materials, Sustainable Building Materials 0 2
5 Dr. Muhammed Siddik A. Ground Improvement Technique, Environmental-Geo technology, Environmental Forensics, Environmental Law 0 0
6 Dr. Priya K. L. Estuarine hydrodynamics, Estuarine sediment dynamics, trace metal partitioning, contaminant transport through porous media water and wastewater treatment 0 2
7 Dr. Sreeja Balakrishnan Ground improvement, Slope stability analysis 0 0
8 Dr. Indu M. S. Industrial wastewater treatment, Advanced oxidation processes, Water and wastewater treatment 0 0
9 Dr. Udayakumar J. Carrying capacity based developmental planning, Environmental Studies, Engineering Geology, Climate change studies 1 3