Research Supervisors

Sl No Name and Designation of Faculty Major Areas of Research No. of Ph.Ds produced (in last 5 years)
1 Dr. Sajeeb R
Structural Dynamics 4 ongoing (+1-other centre)
Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Control
Substructuring Concepts in Dynamic Testing & System Identification
Earthquake Resistant Structures
Sustainable Building Materials
2 Dr. Anu V. Thomas
Construction Management 1 ongoing
Construction Labour Productivity
(2019-20) Risk Management in Construction Projects
Performance of PPP Projects
Sustainable construction materials
Durability of Concrete
3 Dr. Adarsh S.
Optimization of Hydrosystems Using Stochastic Search Algorithms 4 ongoing
Predictive Modeling in Hydrology and Hydraulics Using Data Driven Techniques
(2018-19) Stochastic Hydrology
1/5/2018 Risk and Uncertainty Analysis of Hydrosystems
2/28/2018 Use of Wavelet Transforms and Hilbert Huang Transform for Spectral Analysis of Hydro-meteorological Datasets
4 Dr. Ramaswamy K P
Assistant Professor
Chemical Attack in Concrete 3 ongoing
Special Concrete
(Defense July 2018) Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete
(Dec 9, 2018) Concrete Deterioration
(2018-19) Supplementary Cementing Materials
Durability of Concrete
Cement Chemistry
Alkali Activated Materials
Characterization of Construction Materials
Sustainable Building Materials
5 Dr. Muhammed Siddik A.
Assistant Professor
(defense in 2019 July)
Ground Improvement Technique 0
Environmental-Geo technology
Environmental Forensics
Environmental Law
6 Dr. Priya K. L.
Assistant Professor
(before 2018)
Estuarine hydrodynamics 2 ongoing
Estuarine sediment dynamics
trace metal partitioning
contaminant transport through porous media water and wastewater treatment
7 Dr. Sreeja Balakrishnan
Assistant Professor
Ground improvement 0
Slope stability analysis
8 Dr. Indu M. S.
Assistant Professor
(before 2018)
Industrial wastewater treatment 0
Advanced oxidation processes
Water and wastewater treatment
9 Dr. Udayakumar J.
Associate Professor
Carrying capacity based developmental planning 1 completed (other centre)
Environmental Studies 3 ongoing (1 in this centre; 2 other centres)
Engineering Geology
Climate change studies
10 Dr. Munavar Fairooz C Traffic and Transportation Engg 0
11 Dr. Amal Azad Sahib Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engg 0
12 Dr. Kavitha Madhu Traffic and Transportation Engg 0