Research Scholars

Sl No Name Admission category Title Supervisor Year of admission
1 Raji R QIP Investigations on mechanical optical and acoustical properties of structural glass External 2017
2 Sumayya PB KTU-FT Implications of the wave and sediment dynamics on the carrying capacity of the coastal zone-A case study in the coastal stretch of Kollam Dr. J Udayakumar 2018
3 Febina A Manaf NDF-FT Flocculation and settling behaviour of suspended sediments in estuaries Dr. KL Priya 2018
4 Ancy mathew NDF-FT A study on the structural properties of scrap tyre pad base isolators Dr. Sajeeb R 2018
5 Aswin Vijay NDF-FT Structural aspects of stabilised mud concrete Dr. Sajeeb R 2018
6 Thushara Raju NDF-FT Durability and Structural Behaviour of Alkali Activated Binder Systems Dr. Ramaswamy KP 2018
7 Chinnu Mariam Ninan NDF-FT Development of test methods to assess acid attack on cement-based materials Dr. Ramaswamy KP, Dr Sajeeb R 2019
8 Meera G Mohan KTU-FT Modeling the Uncertainty in Non-Stationary Frequency Analysis of Hydro-Climatic Extremes Dr.Adarsh S 2020
9 Sreedevi V KTU-PT Developing Hybrid Machine Learning Models For Drought Forecasting Dr.Adarsh S 2020
10 Senthil Kumar P KTU-PT Effectiveness of Dispute Resolution Methods in Indian Construction Industry Dr Anu V Thomas 2020
11 Nikhitha P KTU-PT Development of a natural biopolymer based water purification system Dr. KL Priya/Dr Anu N (H) 2020
12 Arathy Nair GR ADF Flood Risk Mapping of Greater Pamba River basins under Changing Climate Dr.Adarsh S 2021
13 Sahana Hashim ADF Structural Damage Detection from Static and Dynamic Responses in Presence of Uncertainties Dr. Sajeeb R 2021
14 Shamla DS KTU-FT Investigations on the role of Rainfall in the Landslides of Western Ghats Dr.Adarsh S 2021
15 Sobha Elizabeth Thomas KTU-PT Alcali Activated Concrete Dr. Ramaswamy KP 2021