Structural Dynamics Lab

The Laboratory was set up in 2009 to cater the academic and research needs of UG and PG students. The lab provides experimental facilities to conduct free and forced vibration tests of experimental models such as beams and shear building frames. The laboratory is equipped with a motor driven uni-axial mini horizontal shake table capable of producing harmonic motion in the frequency range of 0 to 25 Hz and a 4 channel data acquisition system with accelerometers.

List of Experiments
  • 1. Free vibration of cantilever beam
  • 2. Forced vibration of simply supported beam
  • 3. Dynamics of a three storied shear building model
  • 4. Dynamics of a single storied frame with planar asymmetry
  • 5. Dynamics of vibration absorber
  • 6. Vibration isolation of a secondary system
  • 7. Dynamics of a four storied frame with and without an open ground floor
  • 8. Dynamics of one span and two span beams
  • 9. Dynamics of free standing rigid bodies under base motion

Sl.No Item Specification
1 Horizontal Shake Table with eccentric cam Max. Pay load – 30 kg
Table size - 40 cm × 40 cm
Frequency – 0 to 25 Hz
Amplitude – 0 to 10 mm
2 4 channel Data acquisition system with uni-axial accelerometers and cables Portable USB connected Sampling frequency - 1 kHz

Contact Information

Lab in Charge : Dr. Chinsu Mereena Joy, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Contact No : 9446571691
Email Id : chinsu@tkmce.ac.in
Assistant Lab in Charge : Prof. Asif Basheer, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Contact No : 9496149214
Email Id : asifbasheer435@tkmce.ac.in