Surveying Lab

Surveying is the process of determining relative positions of different objects on the surface of the earth by measuring horizontal distances between them and preparing a map to any suitable scale. Measurements are taken in horizontal plane only. Surveying is the art of determining the relative positions of points on, above or beneath the surface of the earth by means of direct or indirect measurements of distance, direction and elevation. Levelling is a branch of surveying the object of which is to find the elevations of points with respect to a given or assumed datum and to establish points at a given elevation or at different elevations with respect to a given or assumed datum. Survey is performed to prepare a map of relative positions on surface of the earth. It shows the natural feature of a country such as towns, villages, roads, railways, etc. They may also include details of different engineering works such as bridge, canal, dam etc. Before commencement of any major engineering project, survey is carried out to determine the location of site and its surrounding. To understand the topography of the site and natural resource availability. Survey is carried out to prepare the cadastral map showing property boundaries.
The surveying lab of TKM College of Engineering is committed socially in providing economically viable solutions in this area. The objectives of various surveys conducted in surveying lab are contour levelling and positioning of existing details, topographic survey of project location, checking the level and slope of project area, develop facilities to cultivate research interest among students and faculties and disseminate knowledge to the research community.

Current lab utilization

The Surveying lab is presently utilized for the conduct of lab classes for the undergraduate programme in Civil Engineering. The lab is effectively utilized by undergraduate students and faculties for carrying their final year dissertation work in various branches of Civil Engineering and funded research works respectively. The lab also undertakes consultancy works for various private agencies, and is an approved consultancy centre for central and state government.

Strength of the lab

Following are the strength of the lab

  • a) Lab space of 800ft2 .
  • b) Facilities available in the lab are in par with the requirements of the university prescribed laboratory course.
  • c) Facilities for conducting consultancy works for various private agencies and central and state government
  • d) Faculties with expertise in advanced surveying equipments.
Surveying Laboratory Facilities and Equipments

The Surveying Laboratory is equipped with facilities for conducting topographic surveying, contour levelling and positioning of existing details, checking the slope of the project areas. The Laboratory is fully equipped for the conduct of regular experiments at UG level and consultancy works.

Equipments available in the lab
Major Instruments
SI.No Name of the Instrument Model No. Year Year of purchasing
1 GPS Megellar Hand field GPS 1 25000 /- 15/05/2004
Garmin GPS etrex10 1 9690 /- 28/09/2021
2 Total Station Sokkia SET510 1 2,81,500/- 07/01/2004
Sokkia SET650 RX- 31 1 344000/- 25/10/2010
Leica TS02 4 16,40,000/- 05/08/2015
Leica TS06 1 4,90,000/-
3 Distomat Leica Geosystem AGCH-9435 1 28,750/- 11/05/2004
Leica Geosystem D2 1 10,990/- 29/07/2020
4 Theodolite 4 23,200/- 07/09/1982
MS ottway type 5 50,000/- 13/08/2004
ST 20E 10 1,42,000/- 25/06/2013
6 99,000/- 26/02/2014
5 Dumpy Level Dumpy Level 6 38,400/- 12/12/2007
DL-12 10 64,000/- 25/06/2013
Dumpy Level12” 6 45,000/- 26/02/2014

Minor Instruments
SI.No Name of the Instrument No. Year Year of purchasing
1 Prismatic compass 10 3000 02/06/1982
2 Abney level 3 405 03/09/1958
1 110 22/09/1958
3 Plane table with accessories 5 15000 10/08/2005
10 44607 18/04/2013
5 29000 26/02/2014
4 Optical square 1 35 23/08/1958
3 121 12/11/1959
2 60 23/06/1965
6 Clinometer 1 60 23/08/1958
6 Planimeter 1 380 18/09/1958
1 380 7/11/1958
7 Pantograph 1 285 01/10/1958
8 Station pointer 1 522 01/09/1958
9 Nautical sextant 1 308 02/08/1958
1 556 30/07/1964
10 Subtense bar 1 490 28/04/1961
11 Chain and accessories 10 17/08/1965
12 Celestial sphere 1 10/07/1967
13 Tape 1(50m) 12/01/2004
1(30m) 530 12/01/2004
2(30m) 330 09/03/2014
6(30m) 676 26/07/2016
14 Ranging rod 8 26/07/1978
14 840 17/04/1980
15 975 28/12/1981
3 465 17/12/1994
15 Levelling Staves 3 - 15/07/1963
2 - 13/03/1989
5 4240 17/12/1999
10 11895 18/04/2013
16 Surveyor’s compass 1 112 17/08/1965
17 Ghat Tracer 1 160 23/08/1958

Surveying facilities
  • 1. Contour levelling and positioning of existing detail.
  • 2. Topographic survey.
  • 3. Field survey.
  • 4. Checking the level and slope of the ground.

Benefits to students and staff

Learning through experimentation reaffirms theoretical knowledge. Ultimately students get a better understanding of the topography of a particular area when they do surveying. They would also appreciate the necessity of surveying for the implementation of a project which is highly complex due to the changing topography and the complexity of projects.

Industry – Institution Collaborations

Major Consultant for

  • National highway authority of India.
  • Kollam Corporation.
  • Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Kerala road fund bord.
  • PWD.
  • LSGD.
  • The Kerala Minerals and Metals.
  • Indian Rare Earths

Major Consultancy Projects

Survey lab had taken up consultancy work for the preparation of site plan and contour map of the following projects.

  • Reclamation of Kayal land in front of KSRTC Bus station, Kollam
  • Work for Department of space in Valiyamala, Nedumangadu
  • Location of Flood Light in Municipal Stadium, Kollam
  • Kumaranasan Memorial Museum, Pallana
  • Tunnel alignment for Mini Hydel Power Station Project, Maniyar
  • Pokkal field in Vypeen Island and tidal observation for ADAK
  • 5-STAR hotel at Vellar Near Kovalam
  • ESI dispensary, Kottarakara
  • SIRD Campus, Kottarakara
  • Engineering College , Perumon
  • TKMIT & TIM at Ezhucone, Kottarakara
  • ThottapallyHarbour, Alleppey
  • Neendakara and SakthikulangaraHarbour, Kollam
  • Water supply scheme for PanmanaPanchayath, Kollam
  • Kavadippuram Road Survey, Kollam Corporation
  • Government Higher Secondary School, Mangad
  • Topographical Survey from Vellanathuruthu Mine to IREL Chavara Plant
  • NH Widening Survey fromKoickal to Karikode, Kundara to Pallimukkujn
  • .
  • Topographical Survey of Pathanapurampanchayath

Contact Information

Lab in Charge:Dr. Muhammed Siddhik A, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Contact No :9446162589
Email id :muhammedsiddik@tkmce.ac.in
Assistant Lab in Charge:Prof. Meenu Thomson, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Contact No :9446607027
Email id :meenu.tomson@tkmce.ac.in